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Back to Basics

Goin’ full circle

i took it upon myself to explore the Headphone world after losing a pair of These bad boys way back when.

two Pairs of TMA-1’s of two summers (Mallorca & Ibiza) decided that not only would they Die, they would pass away with little or no functionality on their way out. meaning i went from two ears and a headband, to one ear with none.

Opportunity to try something new presents itself again, this time i opt for some Pioneer HDJ 500’s. running on a budget they were not the one i REALLY wanted but, they looked like they would do the business…..WRONG!!! not only did they not last a year, (without Traveling) the left cup hasnt worked since about a month after buying them. i stuck with the single cup until just this week.

i thought it was time to return to where i started. simple, classic and above all else… RELIABLE.

Sennheiser HD 25 – 1

Welcome back Sennys, Papa Missed you