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As if the news that Technics are releasing a new turntable wasn’t enough for the True Vinyl DJ’s and enthusiasts alike… Pioneer Decide to Update The Nexus Series


I woke up to a typical “product Launch” Email thinking… “meh” minor change, i’ll give the video a quick gooseys. Boy, i was wide awake after a god 20 seconds of this video.

I must confess Serato was my entry tool into the DJ world, with a pair of beat up Direct Drives (Which felt more like belts) i missed the “True Era’ opting to take the digital route. when i got a the opportunity to play on CDJ2000’s @ Ibiza & Mallorca Rocks…. the Serato box started to gather Dust.

Discovering Rekordbox made digital crates the way forward and being able to leave the laptop at home renergised DJing for me. Pioneer are not holding, these updates are calling on those who were dipping toes in the USB / SD card game and asking them to take the plunge.

I can’t wait to use them, may even find out if theres a demo room near me, take my sticks and headphones and get busy!!!

Peep the link below for more info,

Pioneer NXS2 Line Up