Serato Turn Up The Heat - K1R3Y
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Serato Turn Up The Heat

Yooooo, its been a while but im back with some Goodness!!!

I opened an email this morning from Serato HQ, telling me about a mix app Called “Pyro

Curious, i opened it and followed the initial video on the website. a whole lot of meh!!!!

i dug deeper to find out a little more about the app and i found my gold. the app will seamlessly mi tracks that are on your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & Watch)  and allow you to create playlists to rock a party, a work out or Chill (no Netflix Tho) . the short 3 point tutorial upon opening is all you need to start the fire.

The App is free in the App store, add some variety and smoothness to those lifeless playlists on your phone. and the last Gem…… you can sync Spotify Too!!!! Hungry?? follow the link below for more…

Serato Pyro

Until Next Time