...So It Begins - K1R3Y
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…So It Begins


Im Back with Some Amazing news. I’ve been a busy boy over the past few months and im finally able to share the fruits of my sleepless nights.

Ive made some brand new music, and it features on a compilation of MORE brand new music and its coming out on Friday 22nd April!!!!

The Boys from FOOR put this amazing idea and concept together, and i was more than happy to be part of the project. i finally gave me the opportunity to share my own creations with you all, and i couldn’t be happier. The compilation Features new tracks from Foor, Bitr8, Thorn, Sami Switch, James Hype & Dots Per Inch.

you can listen back to My track “9T6” on Kiss FM Here:

The Compilation is out on Friday, Head over to iTunes to Get your hands on the goodies!!!

Foor Present : YOSH Vol 1

Until next Time